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Self Help UK’s Macmillan Beyond Diagnosis Team Wins Macmillan Professionals Excellence Award 

13th Nov 2023 | Posted in : Nottinghamshire, Self Help Groups, Self Help UK News, National Campaigns, East Midlands News, Deaf Cancer Support

The Macmillan Beyond Diagnosis Team at Self Help UK has been awarded the ‘Whatever It Takes’ Award at the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards held in Glasgow on 9 November 2023. This award recognises individuals and teams that have gone above and beyond to support people affected by cancer. 

The Macmillan Beyond Diagnosis Team is a non-clinical team that provides tailored practical and emotional support to people affected by cancer in Nottinghamshire. Working together with the client, a Holistic Needs Assessment is used to find out what the client's concerns are, then jointly creating a support plan to ensure these needs are met. The service's dedicated volunteers play a key role in ensuring the client is supported and empowered to take charge of their lives during this difficult time. 

The service is all about adapting, collaboration, advocacy, resilience, and compassion. Whether helping someone through awful anxiety, helping navigate a complicated system, finding care for pets during surgery, setting up groups for valuable peer support, or even reuniting long-lost family members, this service is dedicated to helping in any way possible. 

“This service is like plasticine because we mould it to the needs of the individual,” explains Team Leader Kerry Brealey. “We’ve shown what you can achieve when you put the whole person at the centre of their care, and you walk alongside them.” 

The team was recognised for their innovative and compassionate approach to supporting people living with cancer. The judges were particularly impressed by the team’s ability to adapt their services to meet the needs of their clients, and their strong commitment to working closely with volunteers. 

Pedram Owladi, Service Delivery Project Manager said: “I am thrilled to see the team awarded for the amazing support they provide to those affected by cancer. It’s a privilege to lead a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, who amplify our reach and impact, working so closely to support those affected by cancer”. 

“We are thrilled to have received this award,” said Kerry Brealey. “It is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of our team and volunteers. We are passionate about providing the best possible support to people living with cancer, and we are proud of the difference we are making in their lives.”