Self Help UK

Self Care Hub

The aim of the Self Care Hub was to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of individuals through supported self care by delivering a quality service to people managing their long term conditions.

Our supported self care service was delivered through the Self Care Hub. We supported people living in Mid-Nottinghamshire to access services and information that helped them to self care.

The Supported Self Care Service was part of Self Help UK, with a team of professionals working as Self Care Advisors, either as part of an NHS Integrated Care Team or in the Self Care Hub.  Self care means the actions that people take for themselves to stay healthy, well and independent; it doesn’t mean that you won’t be looked after when you need the support of a professional.

Our friendly team of Advisors:

Gave people information about services that helped them to self care.

Helped people to make their own self care action plan, either for themselves or for someone they cared for

The service was free and confidential.

The information provided was varied and covered all areas of people’s lives, including but not limited to: socialisation, money issues, transport, and improved management of long term health conditions.