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Time to Change Nottingham is supporting World Mental Health Day

3rd Oct 2018 | Posted in : Nottingham, Time to Change News, National Campaigns

This World Mental Health Day (10 October), Time to Change Nottingham is urging residents to ‘Ask Twice’ if a friend or family member says they are ‘fine’ but they suspect they may be experiencing a mental health problem.

Time to Change Nottingham logo
Time to Change Nottingham logo

New research released by mental health campaign, Time to Change, reveals that when asked, over three quarters (78%) of us would tell friends, family and colleagues we are ‘fine’, even if we are struggling with our mental health.

When asked why, responses suggest we doubt whether people really want to hear the honest answer.

The top concerns were:

  • Just because people ask how you are, doesn’t mean they really want to know (54%)
  • I don’t want to burden people (52%)
  • I’d only talk if I was confident my friend or family member really wanted to listen (39%)

Sarah Collis from Time to Change Nottingham said: “When asked ‘How are you?, ‘I’m fine’ is the automatic response that we say time and again. By asking twice we’re showing a genuine interest about how a person is feeling - giving them the opportunity to open up if they want to talk about their mental health.

“It’s a simple way to show that we care and we’re here to listen, whether that’s now or when they are ready.” 

Time to Change Nottingham is a partnership of Self Help UK, City Council, with other local businesses and local champions who are committed to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems in Nottingham. We are part of a network of Hubs across England supported by the learning and resources of Time to Change to deliver mental health anti-stigma campaign in our community.

Residents can encourage their friends, family and colleagues to open up to mental health by watching and sharing this short film

To find out more about ‘Ask Twice’ visit: