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Spotlight On Our Team - Cancer and Safeguarding Care Coordinator

16th Jan 2024 | Posted in : Nottinghamshire, Self Help Groups, Self Help UK News, National Campaigns, East Midlands News

Our team of Cancer Care Coordinators are based in GP practices across Nottingham.

Emma - Cancer and Safeguarding Care Coordinator for Self Help UK

The work we do on behalf of GP practices in Nottingham not only supports professionals in primary care by dispersing new knowledge and sharing workload, but also creates a wider web of care for a cancer patient by connecting all their support networks together.

Emma - Cancer and Safeguarding Care Coordinator for Self Help UK describes a day in the life of her role:

  • "My day usually runs from around 8am to 5pm. I start my day with a coffee and checking my emails and seeing if there have been any new cancer diagnoses at my GP practices. I am then in clinic for the morning, seeing patients for their cancer care reviews and contacting those who have just received a new cancer diagnosis. I then drive over to another practice for my afternoon clinic. My patients receive face-to-face support at a time to suit them, to assess their needs and concerns surrounding their cancer diagnosis. Once I have finished seeing patients, I will type up their notes and make the appropriate referrals on to specialist services based on the concerns that have been identified. I finish the day with updating my diary for the rest of the week and logging any work I have done in a data capture. By involving voluntary services, hospital teams and wider statutory services, we are providing a holistic service that goes beyond a ten-minute appointment."


About our service:

Cancer care reviews (CCRs) offer information and support for newly diagnosed patients within 3 and 12 months. Additional support is provided to cancer patients referred by GP practices. Cancer screening uptake work is tailored to each Primary Care Network (PCN). Assistance is offered with cancer-related quality outcomes framework (QOF) and priorities. Liaison improves communication and processes for PCNs and patients.