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Self Help UK goes international!

13th Oct 2023 | Posted in : Self Help Groups, Self Help UK News, National Campaigns

Self Help UK were invited to speak at The Sophia International Symposium of Working with Self-Help Groups in 2023. The event was held at The Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan on 16th September 2023.

Shazia Nazir speaking at international conference on self-help in Tokyo, Japan

Our Head of Commercial and Partnerships, Shazia Nazir delivered a presentation to participants on the evolution of self help in the UK and the incredible 40 years of work done by peer support and self help groups in the UK. 

Speakers also included group leaders of local Japanese peer support groups and the CEO and Founder of SHARE! USA, Ruth Hollman. 

The event was attended by academics, students, community workers, peer support and self help group members. 

The work hopes to support the need for more self help clearing houses in Tokyo and the vital health benefits of peer support networks. Best practices were shared, along with establishing a stronger international network of self help supporters. 

We hope our contribution helps towards the development of better provisions for health care and community-based health provisions.  

We would like to thank Professor Tomofumi Oka and his team for the invitation and we hope to continue working towards the same aim, of building healthier communities and promoting the power of peer support in all its aspects across the globe.