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New BAME Outreach and Engagement Worker joins Self Help UK!

9th Jun 2022 | Posted in :

Hello! My name’s Keisha and I’m the new BAME Outreach and Engagement Worker here at Self Help UK. I joined the organisation at the end of May '22, and I’m excited to see lots of plans going on behind the scenes!

Keisha Walters - BAME Outreach and Engagement Worker

Reinstating your groups

I’ll be connecting with the self help and peer support groups across the directory to reinstate some of the support that Self Help UK provided before the Covid-19 pandemic. This will include monthly drop in sessions for community self help groups on the third Wednesday of every month, from 11am – 12noon. We’ll do alternate sessions on Zoom and face to face – it will be great getting to know you, learning more about the wonderful work you’ve been doing and figuring out how we can bring people together again, just like old times! Please do join us for our first session on *15th June*:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 881 8106 1691  Passcode: 500406


BAME Groups

Our ‘BAME’ groups will have meetings on the last Thursday of every month, from 2pm – 3pm. I hope to see you there on *30th June*:

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Meeting ID: 840 1608 4837  Passcode: 991669

We’ll work with you to establish how we can develop your groups further, whether that’s through Q&A sessions, webinars, developing a network or accessing training. We’ll be introducing weekly walks in various locations to meet the needs of our groups and their members, so watch this space – we’ll have an update for you in the July newsletter!


Long Covid

Understanding that the last two years have changed our lives in some way or another, we’ll also be reaching out to individuals impacted by the long-term effects of Covid. This might span across a number of areas: physical, mental, emotional, financial, occupational and social. So, if you or somebody you know would like to share your experiences to help others through the ongoing effects, or if you would like help setting up your own peer support group for Long Covid or another area of health and wellbeing, we would encourage you to get in touch!

I’m really looking forward to working with you all, and seeing your groups develop and flourish in these new times.

Keisha Walters

BAME Outreach and Engagement Worker

Mobile: 07946 138 247