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#InternationalWomensDay is here!!

8th Mar 2021 | Posted in :

This international women's day - Self Help Uk is choosing to challenge. SEO Sarah leads the way challenging barriers to good health and wellbeing.

International Women's Day - Sarah CEO chooses to challenge

Self Help UK is challenging barriers preventing women or anyone in the community from accessing the support they need.

Supporting people identifying as women to break down these barriers by supporting access to self help groups and mutual support as a form of self care. 

Through the work Self Help UK do we are able to breaking barriers preventing people from connecting. Through training support groups to get online and connect virtually, campaigning for better access to health and support services and giving groups the tools they need to keep going.

See the team talking about barriers stopping people from accessing support and health services, barriers keeping people isolated and barriers of discrimination and how Self Help UK is challenging these

Self Help UK - choose to challenge video

Self Help UK has had the pleasure to work with some amazing organisations and inspiring women in Nottingham to join together as a force to challenge inequality and especially inequalities through Covid-19 pandemic:

International womens day Nottingham video