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Feeling stressed or low?

3rd Jan 2018 | Posted in :

REBOOT is a study to see whether online peer support can help people experiencing depression or anxiety.

REBBOT Notts website
REBBOT Notts website

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression?

REBOOT Notts is looking for more people to take part in a study to see whether an online peer support website "Big White Wall" is more or less effective in helping people when they are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, compared to freely available online information from the NHS (Moodzone).

The project is expected to run until summer 2018.

Why you might like to take part

You may find that the information on the websites you access whilst participating in the study may be helpful. It might also help you to understand how you are feeling and how your mood may change over time.

Many people find that being involved in a study can help them to feel positive about themselves by contributing to research that may help other people experiencing the same condition in the future.


Participants who complete their research measures at every stage will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 of high street vouchers, from which there will be 30 winners.

Whilst we do not pay people to participate in the research we hope that their involvement will enable them to access helpful information, record changes in their mood to help them understand how they are feeling as well feeling positive about taking part in research that will help local healthcare services to make informed decisions.


For more information and eligibility criteria, please email the research team at or visit