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Voice of Vision Community Choir

Promotes healthy community cohesion from in the city and beyond.

Who is this service for?
All people interested in singing.

Contact Details

28 Palin Street, Hyson Green

Who to contact:
0748 475 7230, Gwen Madden

Other information

We aim to provide an opportunity where individual can enjoy the art of singing regardless of their personal musical abilities. To share and learn together with different people, from diverse communities creating an atmosphere of achievement, collectively and individually, building confidence and self celebration. To provide musical pieces for events that serves the community, fund raising, funerals, weddings and non conventional settings. To combat social isolation. To engage in the discipline and therapy of participating in a choir within family fun learning environment. To empower and support people to manage their own well-being through singing. To provide a non-judgemental space for people who love to sing. Access: TBC