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Overeaters Anonymous, Nottingham

12 step fellowship meeting based on the programme of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) applied to people with all kinds of eating disorders and/or obsession with food and weight/body image. We hold a weekly meeting and support each other between meetings on the phone and through getting a sponsor who is in recovery.

Who is this service for?
Anyone who has problems with food and/or food obsession, including those whose eating feels out of control/are addicted to food, overeating compulsively, bulimic in some way (perhaps alternately starving and bingeing or using other ways to get rid of food you have consumed) or simply afraid of food and eating. Obesity, bulimia, anorexia, fear of gaining weight: all can be helped by coming to meetings and working the programme with support from fellow sufferers. We use AA's 12 steps to help ourselves and each other to recover. Obesity is the most obvious outcome of this progressive illness, but others control their weight through alternately bingeing and dieting, compulsive exercising and assorted ways of purging. Some of us are overweight, but not all: only the individual can really know if they are suffering from an eating disorder, though many of us take years before admitting we have a problem with food and/or weight which is affecting our health and our relationships and making our lives miserable. All are welcome; you do not need to struggle with this on your own any more. It is not about what you weigh: more about how you see and feel about yourself and your relationship with food. Come along anytime - no need to call, but for more information, contact Carol or Rachel.

Contact Details

Who to contact:
Contact Name: Carol or Rachel
Carol - 07981 834 563
Rachel - 07498 999 448
Website :
Website (UK) :

Other information

Meetings are held only on Zoom at 7-8.15 pm on Fridays, i.e. no in person meeting. If you wish to be included, please contact Carol or Rachel. More information about OA and worldwide on line OA meetings - usually on Skype or Zoom, all of which are open to everyone - can be found on OA websites- such as