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Reconnecting with you our self help groups!

Over the last 40 years we have seen amazing groups like yours coming together to support and champion each other. We know the last year or two this has been tough for all of us and your resilience has been truly inspiring.

Self Help UK has had to adapt and change to this Covid world, we have seen your groups find innovative ways to keep meeting and supporting each other virtually.  These virtual networks open up different ways to meet. Whether your group meets face to face, online or a combination of the two, every self help group is different.  However the support needed will often be similar at each stage. We have been working hard behind the scenes bringing together the abundance of resources together to share with groups across the UK. Self Help UK have helped to empower groups, but we know sometimes we need support and a nudge in the right direction.

Self Help UK are going through an exciting phase and expanding nationally to help even more communities to develop self help and peer support networks across the UK. We wanted to remind you we are still here to support you and there are so many resources you can still access.

Group Starter Pack

A pack to help you to understand your group and what you want to achieve from activities to addressing expectations your  needs and potential challenges.

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We will regularly update you on news and developments and for self help groups to share your news and advertise your work.

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Meet other groups - Drop in sessions

These will be an online meet for all self help groups via zoom to discuss any relevant information and guidance and a general informal chat. These will take place every two weeks.

Membership Directory

Add you group information to our directory to promote your group on the Self Help UK website. For more information, please contact us on

Chance to apply for the General Dispensary Fund Maximum of £800 to help set up new groups (New guidelines should be sent soon). We look forward to connecting with you

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Resource and Training:

Access to our resources and training.

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Covid update

We continue to work with limited staff in the building and many staff are working from home. If groups need to contact us, please do so via email, telephone or look to schedule an appointment with