Self Help UK


Self Help UK is the leading specialist organisation in promoting, supporting and encouraging Self Help Groups, both locally in Nottinghamshire and nationwide

Self Help groups enable people to take better control of their circumstances or conditions, gain strength and support from others, and improve their self-care.

Our history

How did it all begin? Legend has it that a local health professional who had received a diagnosis of terminal cancer approached the Development worker at Nottingham Council for Voluntary Service (NCVS).  Although she knew the medical treatments available...

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The philosophy of self help

The philosophy of self help is based on three elements: Shared experience Shared benefit Shared involvement Shared experience The reasons for choosing self help are varied, but making the decision to attend a group can be a very positive and...

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What is a self help group?

A self help group is a group of people who have a first-hand understanding of a particular life situation or health issue, such as a long term condition. This may be from their own experience of as a parent, family...

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