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European Experts’ Meeting 2017 - Self help internationally

The European Experts Meeting network was set up in 1982 to share knowledge and good practice about peer support across Europe. Judy Wilson, Self Help UK's founder, was one of the original instigators and members. The group meets for a conference every two years and each time there is a different theme linked to peer support.  Countries take it in turns to host and two or three delegates from each country attend and provide updates about their country.

Self Help UK successfully hosted the 14th European Experts’ Meeting, with delegates from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway attending.  The group agreed to share their research and good practice with each other so that we can begin to develop an international knowledge bank of self help resources.

Report of the 14th European Experts' Meeting

2017 delegates in Nottingham
2017 delegates in Nottingham